Jiayi Tao, BA MA PhD

Projektmitarbeiterin im Projekt "GLORE – Global Resettlement Regimes: Ambivalent Lessons learned from the Postwar (1945-1951)"



Mail: jiayi.tao@univie.ac.at

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Jiayi Tao is a historian of internationalism and humanitarianism in the twentieth century. She is widely interested in modern Chinese history and global history. After obtaining her PhD from the University of Bristol (2021), she has been preparing her first book, which examines how Sino-foreign and state-society relations were negotiated during the UNRRA China Programme (1943-1948). She had worked at the Shanghai Jiao Tong University (2021-2023) as a post-doc researcher.

She is currently a post-doc research fellow of the ERC-funded project ‘Global Resettlement Regimes: Ambivalent Lessons Learned from the Post-war (1945-1949)’. Her new research examines the history of displacement and resettlement in 1940s China (south of the Yangtze River), with focuses on refugee accounts as well as the interplay between local (provincial, national, and non-state) and global actors.

She is teaching global history, focusing on Asian cases.




  • Global humanitarianism, development, and the transnational flow of expertise
  • Migration, displacement, and refugee histories
  • Modern Chinese history
  • Internationalism from Asian perspectives