Jiayi Tao, BA MA PhD

Projektmitarbeiterin im Projekt "GLORE – Global Resettlement Regimes: Ambivalent Lessons learned from the Postwar (1945-1951)"



Mail: jiayi.tao@univie.ac.at

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Jiayi Tao works on the history of internationalism and that of humanitarianism in the twentieth century, and also modern Chinese history. She earned her PhD from the University of Bristol (2021). While her previous research explored the encounter of Chinese nationalism and internationalism through the extensive UNRRA China Programme (1943-1948), she now shifts her focus to the history of migration, and in particular, the repatriation and return of internally and externally displaced Chinese in post-war and civil-war China (1945-1949), as part of the project ‘Global Resettlement Regimes: Ambivalent Lessons Learned from the Post-war (1945-1949)’.


•    Global history
•    Internationalism and humanitarianism
•    History of migration
•    Post-colonial state-building and modernisation