Dr.in des Lisette Schouten, MA

Senior Research Fellow am Institut für Zeitgeschichte von 01.10.2020-30.09.2021


Lisette Schouten MA completed her PhD in History at the Cluster of Excellence “Asia and Europe in a Global Context” of Heidelberg University. Her dissertation focused on Dutch war crimes trial policy in the Netherlands East Indies and Japan, 1942-1955. She holds Master degrees in History and Educational Humanities from Leiden University. 

Mail: lisette.schouten@univie.ac.at



  • Colonial history
  • Decolonisation history
  • Contemporary legal history
  • Biographical research, transnational history


Research Project

Counting Deeds. Allied War Crimes Trials in Asia, 1945-1954. A comparative view.

In the last decennium, extensive new research has emerged focusing on Second World War post-war justice. Especially the preparatory organisations behind this Allied programme and the national war crimes trials in Asia have received numerous scholarly attention. Important new insights about the basic facts and numbers of these trials as well as the underlying legal ideas and concepts have been made. However, a general overview of not only numbers and facts but procedures as well as the outcome of the trials in Asia is still lacking, preventing a clear and comprehensive comparison between the different prosecuting nations. The project therefore collects and orders this information, enabling to draw further insights into an important example of multilateral cooperation after World War II. Questions central to this project are: What kind of crimes were prosecuted by the different nations? What was the position and rank of the accused put on trial in each trial location? Can we distinguish a difference between the legal actors involved in each participating nation? And, as international war crimes legislation was being developed during the same time: How did the different nations define and prosecute crimes such as torture, rape and forced labour? And how did they deal with new legal concepts such a command responsibility and joint criminal enterprise?